Fidnova has signed a contract with Mavitec"

Fidnova and the Dutch company Mavitek signed a contract for the supply of equipment for the first stage of construction of the plant

20 march 2019, 12:09

Fidnova and the Dutch company Mavitek signed a contract for the supply of equipment for the first stage of construction of the plant. Mako van Heumen, General Director of Mavitek, assured that the Ukrainian plant will not only have high-quality equipment to ensure the main technological process at the enterprise, but will also become the most modern in Europe.

The construction of the plant "Finova" will take place alternately. Among the planned 5 production lines, the first will be two independent lines for the production of meat and bone meal with a clear sorting of raw materials by origin, type and quality. Equipment will be delivered to the plant in the second half of this year. The following lines will also be installed according to the project of work execution at the enterprise.

The capacity of the first line will be more than 12,000 tons of finished products per year. In General, the capacity of the plant will be more than 20,000 tons of products, which will also provide all suppliers of raw materials that are located on the territory of Western and partially Central Ukraine with a stable partner.

"The signing of the contract, gives a guarantee of cooperation with reliable international partner. The quality of Mavitek products is confirmed by long years of market leadership. It is important for us to get high-quality equipment and set it up in time. The need for the existence of an enterprise for the production of protein feeds in Ukraine is extremely high, so we aim to quickly and effectively launch production. Choosing leading companies as partners, we strive to develop the industry in our country and stimulate the export potential of the region. The next step of our work will be the actual construction of the plant and the development of the customer base, "- shared the General Director of the company" Fidnova " Andrey Ogorodnik.

Innovative technologies of the industry and strict compliance with norms and standards will allow the company to become a leader in the production of feed additives for agricultural and domestic animals.

FEEDNOVA ("Fidnova") is a company that manufactures protein feed additives for agricultural and domestic farms. FEEDNOVA will provide services for collecting, transporting, preparing and processing material from animal by-products that can no longer be used as human food. The economic development of the region of our presence, as well as compliance with environmental regulations, is ensured by the high standards of the FEEDNOVA company.