The largest plant for the production of feed additives is being launched in Ukraine

In Busk, Lviv region, the largest and most modern production of feed additives was presented - the plant of the FEEDNOVA company.

The construction of the enterprise is a joint project of foreign and Ukrainian investors. FEEDNOVA is an investment project of the "Effective Investments" group of companies in partnership with the Dutch company "Mada Participations B.V." and the Ukrainian investment company UMG Investments. The project Investments are amounted to more than 20 million dollars.

«I actually believe that such projects are capable of changing the future and creating a revolution in their own industry and country. We are the first innovative production of this scale in Ukraine. FEEDNOVA will receive raw materials from external suppliers. And this is also a unique feature of our enterprise, because no one else in Ukraine does this at the level of international processing standards that we adhere to. That makes us the first in terms of capabilities, volumes of processing and production of finished products. This is an approach of sustainable development, where the principle lies in the creation of resources, not their depletion", Igor Liski said, the majority investor of the company FEEDNOVA at the  plant presentation.

The company will strictly adhere to the management and control systems of all stages of production according to the GMP+ certificate.

"UMGI is developing a portfolio of waste processing - Recycling Solutions and our goal is to build the No. 1 company in Eastern Europe for the strategic management of by-products and waste. Until 2020, Recycling Solutions specialized in processing waste from the metallurgical, thermal power, and coal industries, and the Fidnova plant became our team's first project in the agricultural sector. And, probably, one of the first M&A deals concluded immediately after the lockdown in March 2020. We are grateful to our partners and operational teams for the fact that, despite the circumstances, we were able to move according to the plan and announce the completion of construction today, - commented Nadiya Kaznacheeva, Director of Investments at UMG Investments. - For us, it is fundamentally important to invest in companies that conduct business based on the principles of environmental friendliness, social responsibility and high quality corporate governance (ESG). I am sure that the project will continue and scale - it is only a matter of time for us and our partners."

The new complex includes 4 production lines that will process more than 220 tons of raw materials per day. The production capacity of the plant is 90 tons of finished products. Plant "Fidnova" is a modern manufacturer of natural and high-quality ingredients in the animal feeding market. Innovative technologies, strict adherence to international quality standards and transparent conditions of cooperation are the key priorities of the company's work.

The production of FEEDNOVA is based on the use of innovative solutions for the processing of livestock waste. This is the first plant in Ukraine, which will become an independent site, will receive and process raw materials from external suppliers - agricultural enterprises of the region.

The Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine Taras Dzioba, who was present at the event, confirmed the relevance of the functioning of the circular economy: "It is no secret that 6 of the 18 factories of the state enterprise Ukrvetsanzavod, which is designed to deal with waste of animal origin, are actually not working. And all this against the background of constantly growing production of livestock products, especially poultry. Therefore, the problem obviously exists, we, for our part, are working in the direction of digital solutions, banally starting with the geoportal of open data. First of all, you need to identify the problem, and secondly, you need to implement system solutions. Such solutions, as proposed by the "Fidnova" plant in Lviv Oblast, are an excellent example of how to look for added value in production. I hope that everything will work out for my colleagues, and this will be a telling story for all other investors not to be afraid, to enter new industries, to open new markets."

FEEDNOVA will solve the problem of environmental threats: the high-tech plant will guarantee veterinary and sanitary control and environmental safety of the region. Agricultural enterprises will have the opportunity to fully follow the legal and safe processing of animal waste.

Adhering to high standards, the plant will produce high-quality feed additives for both Ukrainian consumers and customers on international markets. More than 20% of finished products will be sold on the domestic market. At the first stage, "Fidnova" will export to the EU markets, then it will switch to sales to consumers in African and Asian countries.