Today FEEDNOVA is 2 years old since its opening

We recall how it all began and what the company managed to achieve during this time.

 “We implemented the Greenfield project at a difficult time for the country. Today, FEEDNOVA is a system-creating enterprise, thanks to which the entire industry functions. We have become an example to follow in terms of production standards, safety, and in the approach to solving complex tasks during global challenges. Our plant is one of the first sustainable development projects in the field of presence. I believe that thanks to responsible business that creates ecosystem solutions, our country will be able to achieve significant economic growth. We know how to unite and work hard. I am convinced that in the coming years, the company’s network will increase by several factories of international production level,” shared Igor Liski, the company’s majority investor.

 The FEEDNOVA team is constantly working on developing the name of quality and reliable Ukrainian manufacturers in the world. By producing high-protein feed additives, the company creates a wide raw material base for the production of pet food, livestock food and biofuels production. Our company’s plans also include a sales segment in niche markets, in particular: production of feed for aquaculture (aquaculture) and production of alternative energy sources (green energy).

 “Our team is professionals, I am proud of everyone’s courage. People who are ready to learn, develop, master new skills – this is what our multifaceted team is about. We are ambitious and strive for great achievements. The company has many projects for the development of the entire industry. Our plans will definitely be implemented, because we have experience and expertise,” said Andriy Ogorodnik, CEO of Fidnova.

 There were many challenges during construction and two years of operation. In particular, the crises of the coronavirus and the full-scale invasion forced our team to work even harder and find solutions to complex tasks. But we have something to be proud of, Feednova not only reached the planned production indicators, but also increased sales by 4 times. The geography of our supply covers about 15 countries of the world, including: the Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Thailand and Vietnam.

 In the near future, we expect the successful signing of contracts with future partners from Turkey, Spain, France and China.

 The company has achieved significant results on the domestic and foreign markets. More to come, because Ukrainian business has no right to stop.

 We believe in the Armed Forces!