FEEDNOVA meets the requirements of the international production organization standard. The products we create are all stages of analysis and control before being sent to customers. The samples of each batch are explored by FEEDNOVA's internal laboratory. We adhere to the strict requirements of our customers' specifications. In this way, the customer always receives a high quality product.

We believe that the lean use of resources will save and secure the future of future generations. Therefore, FEEDNOVA uses innovative technology to process resources.

Product description:

  1. Products from raw materials of category No. 3 (slaughterhouse waste)

     From red meat (pork, beef):

    • meat and bone meal
    • bone flour
    • fat

    From the bird:

    • meat and bone meal
    • ¬†feather meal
    • fat
  2. Products from raw materials of category No. 2 (case):

    • meat and bone meal for fertilizers (organic fertilizers)
    • technical fat